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Fetchers K9 Academy

PO Box 8105
South Bend, IN 46660
(574) 968-8610

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Professional Dog Training In South Bend, Indiana

Misbehaved puppy ready for dog training in South Bend Indiana

Puppy, Small Dog & Big Dog Obedience Training

  • Tired of Your Dog Pulling you on a Walk?
  • Does your Dog Chew or Tear up Furniture?
  • Is Your Barking Dog Embarrassing You?
  • Does your Dog Behave Properly Around Children and Guests?
  • Want More Control Over your Dog?

Our dog training methods remedy behavioral issues quickly,safely, and with low stress to the dog and owner.

Be Proud Of Your Dog’s Behavior

Fetchers K9 Dog Obedience Training Academy will provide:

  1. Immediate Results
  2. Training in Your Home Where your Dog Lives
  3. Free In-Home Evaluation and Demonstration
  4. NO COST Life-time Support and Guarantee
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