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Fetchers K9 Academy

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Doggie Boot Camp in Michiana
South Bend, Mishawaka, Granger, Elkhart, Niles and more

This package is designed for the busy family that wants a happy, obedient dog, but does not have the time to invest in the initial training. Boot Camp for puppies also eliminates the potential damage that can be caused by a puppy that is not yet house broken and going through its natural chewing phase. Replacing carpet and furniture can quickly add to the cost of owning a dog. Avoiding sleepless nights due to crying is also an added benefit of the Boot Camp package!

Many people that opt for Boot Camp enroll their dog in the course even before they acquire a dog – especially if there are young children in the family looking forward to having a furry friend running around the house. By acquiring a dog and dropping it off at Boot Camp before introducing it to the family makes the transition of owning a dog stress-free. Your dog will be trained and ready to be a happy, obedient member of the family from the first day you bring him into your home!

If you are interested in the Boot Camp package and have not acquired a dog yet, our dog trainers will consult with you about what types of dogs would be best for your life style and home environment. Choosing the right dog will ensure that your investment is well made. Even the best trained dog in the wrong environment can lead to an unhappy relationship with his new family.

But not just puppies are welcomed at Boot Camp. Boot Camp can accommodate any dog and at any age.

Boot Camp is fully guaranteed because the dogs are trained in the home and with a family. They are not kenneled for 20 hours a day and only let out for bathroom breaks and training. In order for your dog to be delivered trained and obedient, they need to be exposed to the natural distractions of living in a home. There is furniture to chew on, carpet to pee on, guests to jump on, kids to play with, dogs to play with, food to steal off of the table, mailmen to bark at, and all of the other natural distractions your dog will encounter once you introduce him into to your home. Our dog training allows the dog to experience the distractions and then learn what is appropriate in each situation. If your dog is not trained with distractions, then the transition to your home will not be successful.

Boot Camp is for approximately 21 days and depends on how quickly your dog learns. If you are worried that you will miss him if he is gone that long, then you can set up appointments to come visit him. We will also email you pictures on a regular basis if you want us to.

Boot Camp includes an in-home assessment of your dog by one of our dog trainers, all necessary dog training equipment, two transfer lessons, and covers the following subjects:

  • Come When Called
  • Sit on Command and Stay
  • Auto-Sit on Heel
  • Wait at Doors and Gates
  • Distraction and Distance Work
  • Heel (Walk with Attention)
  • Down on Command and Stay
  • Auto-Sit on Come
  • Send to Place and Stay
  • Addressing Behavioral Issues

Our Guarantee

All dog training packages include our Lifetime Guarantee and you will be provided with unlimited phone and email support for the life of your dog.

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